When memory care training & care is important, consider Palm Bay Memory Care.

Palm Bay Memory Care, located in Palm Bay, FL, aims to provide the best in memory care services and care “in the moment.” Palm Bay Memory Care is an active and social community, utilizing the “PLAYS” methodology. We want our residents to PLAY, enjoying each moment, in the moment, meeting them wherever they may be in their memory journey.  

Palm Bay Memory Care PLAYS:

  • Programming – specialty memory care programs like Music & Memory, Life History Boxes, Art Therapy and the ItsNever2Late System, Palm Bay Memory Care provides programming and function to the day to day experience of our Residents. 
  • Leisure & Life Skills – Life Skill Stations and purposeful ways to relax when the agitation or stimulation becomes too much. 
  • Activities – Keeping our residents active, whether through laughing yoga, board games, puzzles, group events and developed programming, activities add life enrichment & helps to provide cognitive stimulation and joy! 
  • “Yes” Environment – Palm Bay Memory Care staff are trained to find a “yes” in the moment. We say yes, we contribute to the conversation, we acknowledge their thoughts, how they’re feeling, what they’d like to do or where they’d like to go and we keep the resident in a positive frame of mind, treating them with dignity and respect. 
  • Structured Environment – According to the Alzheimer’s Association, routine and structure help to ease anxiety and stress because everyone involved knows what to expect. Persons with dementia thrive when the environment and activities are familiar, especially as those impacted by memory related disorders have a harder time planning, initiating, and completing an activity. 

Each and every day our specialized training and focus help to assist our Residents lead meaningful and purposeful lives through PLAY.

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