Francesca Markee

Francesca Markee,

Francesca started off her career in memory care 5 years ago. She fulfilled many roles throughout the community, including assisting with tours and working as a move-in coordinator, making new residents and families feel comfortable while easing their transition into the community, in addition to becoming dementia certified during her time with the company. Within those 5 years she was blessed with an inspiring role model who trained her in Human Resources and urged her to always “stay true to you”, a sentiment that has remained with her since the first day she heard it. Many memories were shared and Francesca treasures those days with her residents, often visiting the community on her off time.

Francesca’s spare time is spent with her loving family. Her favorite day is the day she gave birth to her son! She’s most proud of best accomplishment. Now aged 7 and loving soccer, they both enjoy her son’s games and going on adventures. A few days before Christmas 2019 Francesca was blessed with another gift from above – becoming an Aunt! Her son and younger sister are her greatest motivation, determined to lead by example and with a humble heart and dignity.