The need for rehabilitation center services is substantial in the U.S., with roughly 6.5 million Americans age 65 and older living with Alzheimer’s according to the Alzheimer’s Association. In most cases, when people seek a rehabilitation center for their elderly loved one, they use online search engines to search for terms like “rehabilitation centers near me.” That said, selecting a rehabilitation center for a senior goes beyond using online search engines to look up rehab centers’ contact information and location.

While there are thousands of rehabilitation facilities in America, knowing how to make the right choice for your elderly loved one is essential. Below are factors you should consider when making your decision.

Determine Length of Stay

The first step in locating a suitable senior rehabilitation center is determining the estimated length of time necessary. A small health condition, such as an uncomplicated operation, may only cause a short-term rehabilitation stay of a few days to a month. In some circumstances, the patient may be required to stay at the institution for several months because of more severe medical concerns, such as cardiac difficulties. Some institutions provide both forms of care, while others only provide one.

Check Staff Qualifications

Depending on the senior’s health, you might inquire whether the rehab center’s personnel is board-certified or has advanced degrees. Another thing to inquire about is whether they have registered nurses. If the patient requires rehabilitative nursing, this is necessary. It’s also good to determine if your selected facility offers acute care services. Acute care is required to improve the health of the elderly in a short amount of time. This is done to keep chronic conditions from developing. What’s important here is for the staff is to understand a senior’s specific needs.

Option of Supplemental Services

Here’s the thing: an older loved one requires more than just medical attention. Sometimes you have to offer the patient something to do to keep them entertained. However, find out whether a hospital offers any other non-medical services. Gardening, art, music, and other activities may be included. Supplemental services encourage recovery and assist the elderly in recovering as quickly as feasible. It also helps patients to mingle and distract themselves from their illness while undergoing therapy.

Provision of Discharge Help

A senior might require non-medical support during and after recovery. As a result, inquire whether the rehab facility assigns a social worker or a case manager to each patient. It is usual for seniors to require continual help after discharge, and continuing at home is impossible or extremely difficult. For example, if they no longer have a house or if family members have inadequate finances to provide proper attention and care.

When selecting a rehabilitation center for your senior, it’s important to consider the above factors to make the right choice. Do you need a rehabilitation center for your senior? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!