Dining at Palm Bay Memory Care

For persons with memory related disorders, dining can be a source of confusion & frustration. The design and purpose of the Palm Bay Memory Care Dining program provides a person centered approach to help support independence, choice and appropriate stimuli to support eating & hydration and to limit frustration and confusion.  

A bright & roomy dining room provides plenty of light and space for our Residents. Our Residents help set the table, to help signal that it may be time to eat and to encourage independence & purpose. As we offer our Residents their menu choices for the evening, we include finger foods for those residents who may struggle to use cutlery. Adaptive eating utensils may also be recommended to maintain independence.

Utilizing smells like freshly ground coffee beans, freshly baked breads and cookies help to stimulate the senses for persons with dementia. We are intentional about each step in the dining program. To learn more, call us today!