As people get older and start to develop more medical issues, accomplishing basic tasks can be difficult. When these challenges arise, it’s important to look for help. Learn more about these five daily living activities that seniors may struggle with.

senior living

1. Cleaning

Cleaning is something many people don’t enjoy doing, but it can become a physically difficult task for many seniors. As it gets harder to walk around the house, lift heavy objects, and bend over, it’s significantly harder for seniors to keep a clean home. A messy house can be a dangerous environment for seniors with limited mobility.

2. Shopping

There are countless obstacles that make shopping difficult for seniors. Many seniors have trouble driving or walking around the store, and pushing a heavy cart is even more difficult. Senior living communities can assist with daily activities like shopping to make sure seniors have everything they need on hand.

3. Medication

Aging has a very pronounced effect on the brain. According to the CDC, one out of nine individuals above the age of 45 have reported some form of confusion or memory loss. Memory loss can make it difficult for seniors to remember to take their medication, which can be very dangerous depending on what that medication is for.

4. Food

Even if they have groceries, many seniors have trouble preparing and eating food on their own. Between gathering and preparing ingredients and lifting heavy pots and pans, cooking can be hard for seniors. Senior living communities can help seniors prepare meals, eat, and clean up the mess, which reduces the risk of injuries in the kitchen.

5. Traveling

From moving around the house to driving for errands, many seniors have a hard time getting around. Not only is driving difficult for seniors, but it’s also dangerous for many seniors to be behind the wheel. Senior living communities can provide transport and help seniors get around their homes to live a better life.

Lots of things become more difficult as people get older and lose some of their physical and mental acuity. Fortunately, there are ways for seniors to get the help they need to live happy, healthy lives. If you’re looking for a senior living community for a loved one, check out Palm Bay Memory Care today.