memory care facilities

Memory loss is a challenging health condition that affects many people and their loved ones. According to the American Health Care Association, only about 8.7% of care facilities can care for people with dementia. The medical field specifically designed memory care facilities to care for people that are living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory loss. Recognizing the signs that someone you love needs to be served by one of the memory care facilities can be hard. Here are three signs that your loved one needs this type of care.

1. A Dramatic Change In Behavior

One of the most prominent signs that a loved one can benefit from being in one of the high-quality memory care facilities is a dramatic change in behavior. People that suffer from dementia often revert to child-like behaviors, but not always. Sometimes, behavior can become very aggressive. If you notice changes in behavior that is alarming to you, investigate what a memory care facility offers. You always want to ensure that your loved one is cared for and safe.

2. Risky Behavior that Endangers Your Loved One

If your loved one wanders or has episodes that put them at risk, it is important to get the care that they deserve. Sometimes, in cases of dementia, the person will start wandering. Most times, this wandering behavior happens at night after the sun goes down. Sun Downers syndrome is often a part of the symptoms that dementia patients suffer from. In these cases, the person will seem okay during the day but as nighttime approaches, they can become confused.

3. The Deterioration of The Caregiver

When the primary caregiver is having their own health problems or other problems, it can be a sign that you need another plan in place to keep everyone safe and preserve the quality of life for all parties. Sometimes, the physical capabilities of the caregiver are at risk, and in other cases, it is the mental health of the caregiver that is at risk. In either case, a memory care facility can provide the support that is needed.

It’s hard to decide for aging loved ones that have dementia. You need support that can help you make the right choice at the right time. Call Palm Bay Memory Care today to learn more about how memory care facilities can support you and your loved one.