It can be difficult to have to make the decision to place your loved one in a memory care facility. However, it may be the best option. By 2040, according to projections by the Federal Government, there will be an additional one million senior living facilities in the U.S., and only 8% will offer memory care units. Here are three clear benefits to placing a loved one in a memory care facility.

1. Safe and Secure Living Environment

Keeping your loved one safe can be a full-time job when there is dementia. It is essential that safety is a priority for your loved one. One of the biggest benefits of living in a senior living arrangement that is designed for dementia patients is the level of safety in these units. These fully staffed facilities ensure that your loved one cannot wander off. These centers are focused on providing a high quality of life experience in a setting that will keep your loved one safe from harm.

2. Individualized Attention and Monitoring

In the later stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia-causing diseases, seniors are at the greatest risk of self-injury and accidental injuries. Each senior has unique needs. These needs are met on a one-on-one basis in a high-quality memory care facility. The Care will evolve as your senior’s needs change. They are cared for by a staff of compassionate people that love what they do.

3. Customized Care

There is no one size fits all approach at these senior living facilities. Every resident is evaluated for their specific care needs. A flexible plan is put in place to ensure that your loved one is getting the specific care they need to live their best life.

Getting the proper care is essential to improving the quality of life. These facilities have a resort vibe with plenty of activities and options for socialization that can ensure your loved one is enjoying their time in the facility.

Memory care is specialized care that is based on the latest scientific evidence for things that can help in cases of dementia. Seniors that live in these settings get to enjoy life in a safe, caring environment. If you’re looking for a memory care facility you can trust, contact Palm Bay Memory Care today.